Tuesday, 21 June 2011

India then home

So the last blog left us fresh off the ashram and just beginning our tour of Kerala.

So next stop was some respite from the humidity in a hill station tea plantation called Munar.

We toured around the hillside and took in some beautiful sights - like this garden

Tea fields...

Fresh honey harvested from a hive in a nearby tree - yum!

Some breath-taking views ....

..one of the many infamous Chai Wallers

..a spot of boating...

..and of course more TEA!

Then off to Varkala to enjoy some beach side bliss, relaxation and of course yoga

We headed off for an overnight trip to the southern tip of India - Kanyakumari. With Kat & Dan

Where 3 seas meet - Arabian sea, Indian Ocean and Lakshadweep sea
...and where you can watch the sun set over these seas

...followed by chai!

Then watch the sun rise over the three seas

Then Dave went off to an elephant festival in Thrissur

Where they parade the elephants and keep changing those umbrellas

Then back to Varakala - you can see why it took us two weeks to eventually leave!

But the pull of another hill station won with our route up on this World Heritage steam train!

Tickets breaking the bank at 1p each!!!!

There is the hill station - Ooty. Where the British used to summer during their reign in India

What a journey! Chug-a-chug...

Ooty also wowed us with the cheapest meal ever - 45p for both of us and 2 teas!!!

The stunning acres of roses of the Centennial Rose Garden

We got invited by a local to take part in a boat race - put on by the local council as part of a summer festival

Then Dave had his retro haircut in his retro barber's chair

More boating

Then off to Mysore - our horse & cart ride to the palace

Mysore Palace

Dave befriends the royal tiger..

A historical Jain Temple with some local children

A 'safari' trip back in Kerela in Waynad National Park

Then train back to Cherai beach to chill out before our flight home

Crab curry and lime soda

Handsome man

Beach and sunshine - heaven!

Our last sunset at the beach

What a perfect end to our amazing trip


Thanks for following us - we hope you have enjoyed it almost as much as us!

Stay tuned though for the 'Ode to India' comedy blog and also as we resume our journey.

Au revoir and see you in London xxxx