Thursday, 27 September 2012

Finally.... an update from Melbourne

So here at last is an update from us in Melbourne.... us Vix and Dave or has it been so long that you have forgotten us? No? Oh great well here goes!

Here's us outside our gorgeous house in Northcote, anyone else think it looks like Ramsay Street?

A few shots of our house warming party

Strut your stuff Sam and Maria

Dave taking advantage of the polished floorboards to do a spot of break dancing!

A visit from Terry and Toni takes us to Mornington Peninsula for the weekend

and to the hot springs there - heaven :)

This is our most recent holiday up to Cairns and northern Queensland

In 'Sheila' our trusty motorhome

Check out how roomy she is inside - pure luxury!

"Look Dave we have the beach all to ourselves!"

"Hey Vix we have this one to ourselves too!"

"I know isn't it amazing .... why are there no people here?"

"Think that may have something to do with all the saltwater crocodiles and killer jellyfish .... and the sharks but who cares its a great back drop for a sunset beer"

"Couldn't agree more, cheers"

We did other things as well, such as enjoying the rainforest

And snorkelling by this island, Turtle Island in the Great Barrier Reef

... and Zumba in the park back in Cairns

Fabulous holiday and there is so much more going on in Melbourne its hard to pack it all in but hopefully you keep up with some of our activities on Facebook.

We are back in UK for xmas so hope to catch some of you then - you may even make it on to the blog!!

Byeeee xxxx

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Zealand 2011 - Christmas

Well we arrived from Thailand into New Zealand on 13th November and spent a few lovely days with Dave's family and friends in Christchurch. Here is the amazing view from Dave's auntie's house where we stayed. There was still a lot of damage to the city but it was heart warming to see some rejuvenation happening.

After a week and we were back to Blenheim and at end of November was my birthday... Dave spoiled me rotten. Here's me at a winery for lunch in my new scarf - thanks Kate.

Then we went to the Marlborough Sounds to the bach with my friends from home, Helen and Dave

Here's the Daves getting the fishing rods set up.

While Helen and I caught some rays :)

Then we went out for a spot of rowing and fishing .....

Look what we caught! A blue cod .... plus I was pretty impressed with the light in this photo

Then the obligatory jump off the jetty into the freeeeeeeeezing waters - what a great few days

The following weekend Dave and I took a road trip to the West Coast - we stopped in at Lake Rotoiti

Dave made it to the floating deck - yey! I didn't even manage to keep my shoulders under for more than 2 seconds!!

We passed by the amazing Buller Gorge - an amazing river that goes all the way from Lake Rotoiti to the Tasman sea

...and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the west coast beaches

In Westport we stayed with Dave's friend Shelley and her family

And visited another friend Cyril and his family who cooked us up a West Coast seafood BBQ which was immense! Elephant fish, whitebait and paua

Then on the way home we visited Punakiki - the pancake rocks

Then Christmas 2011 festivities began with a party - Tom gets his groove on as his guests wear a selection of his many hats

Dave and Damien

Dave and I with some of the ol' Blenheim boys

Then Dave and I cooked a meal for Christmas eve to welcome Dave's sister, Tam and her partner, Matt
 - oyster shooters! And check out my table decoration, floating baubles - inspired!! Sorry I'll stop the self congratulation now ;)

"What was that Terry? My hazelnut pavlova was a taste sensation? How kind" .... yes I know I said no more self congratulations but OMG it was!!!

Matt and Tam kick back on Christmas day before the cooking begins

We exchange presents ...

Tom dons his new apron to commence the cooking with Tam to make the most amazing feast of roast beef and all the trimmings followed by trifle

Then if that wasn't enough on Boxing Day we were all treated to a 7 course fine dining experience at Herzog winery by Dave's parents, Toni and Terry

Matt and Tam

The Gillans

Dave and I all in the beautiful sunset garden of the winery

Let the feast begin - a different wine matched to each course - wow! Thanks Toni and Terry

Then on the 27th it was back to the bach to reeeeelax

And finally New Years Eve in Blenheim - was interesting! We all wore our 3D glasses to brighten up the rainy day and partied...

So that is the end of 2011 which has been the most amazing year of my life. We have travelled the globe and seen more seas and lands than ever before and all with the one we love - ahhh!

And so now we head off to Melbourne to start a new chapter in our lives. We'll keep up the blog so stay tuned.........

Happy New Year xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx