Sunday, 31 October 2010

Those little town blues... NYC

So as you can se we have arrived in NYC and it is beautifully autumnal and crisp. These photos wer taken on Saturday 30th Oct as we took a stroll through Central Park and the Upper West side of Manhatten with my friend Eric who lives in New York. Americans are crazy for Halloween and as you can see by the first photo everyone puts up decorations and gets dressed up. We are going to the Halloween Parade to follow! Although we are having a fab time and feel very rested now we are finally on our trip, we are missing you all.


  1. Hey!! Halloween crazy in Japan too! Hope you're enjoying your first steps of travel! We're two weeks in now and have 5 days left before our boat to china! Keep in touch and all the best, we have bookmarked our's a link to ours:
    take care xxxx

  2. Oh no i'm missing you even more now that I have seen your fab pics :(
    Happy that you got there ok and that your having a good time though.

    I look forward to the next set of pics :)
    I hope you dressed up both of you as if memory serves me right it was Halloween when the first flickers of loved appeared for the two of you.

    Jane x x x

  3. Hey Guys

    Yep halloween was fab, am posting pics. Jane you are right, its our 2 year Halloween anniversay!

    Helen we'll check out your blog.

    Vix n Dave