Monday, 2 May 2011

The last two and a half months continued ..... India

Sorry folks decided to split the blog in two so here is part 2 - the India leg.

We arrived in India from Kuala Lumpar on 16th March

Check out all the Ambassador cars that they use as taxis - remnants of the British

We caught a train down to Trivandrum and headed for the ashram

When we arrived there was a festival - The Colours Festival

The Indians know how to party

I had pink hair for a month afterwards!

Some people are not so bright..... read the sign!!

Then Dave headed off to Varkala to chill on the beach

..enjoy elephant festivals...

...see temples...

...and sunsets on the beach

Whilst I was getting holy with my new friends in satsang (6am and 8pm every day)


Bex and Sheridin

and the whole Teacher Training Course group

 There were also amazing walks with stunning views at dawn

Oh and the hospital visits for dehydration!

Then I was back at the ashram with my friends enjoying chai

...and Dave came back for a week to look after me

Then of course there was lots of this

With all these amazing people

And on our day off we even managed to find time to wash the elephants

..and feed and ride them - an amazing experience

Then finally graduation!!

Obviously more chanting :)

....and certificates!

Then it was time to leave :( but would we like to stay longer? ...........Urm...NO!

A few of us went for a night on a houseboat on the backwaters

I surprised Dave with a belated birthday cake

Stunning and so peaceful

Captain Gillan!

And our friend Briji took us to his family's home for lunch - we had this yummy mango curry :)

Then we left the others and settled in Cherai beach for a few days - very quiet and no westerners

A few Indian tourists adopted us for the day and took us to see their relatives Chinese fishing net

This was before it broke and plunged us all 2 feet into the water!!

..and took us out in their traditional canoe

Me and my dog! Or more accurately some random dog that adopted me as they seem to do here in Kerela

We have done a bit more since but we'll save that for the next blog!

Glad to be back, hope you are all well and have enjoyed some sunshine as we heard you had a mini heatwave in UK.

Also for those that don't know we are heading back to the UK in June for 3 months so look forward to seeing anyone who is there xxxxxxx

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