Friday, 12 November 2010

Canada - Vancouver and over to Victoria

So after we left NYC we headed to Canada, to Vancouver to re-explore the place I once lived in my gap year; a place that holds some very happy memories. We also got to catch up with some friends too.

Dave enjoying the autumn leaves in Vancouver

Me visiting the street I used to hang out on when i lived here ......

..and the building where I used to lived

We stayed with Dave's lovely friends Stefan and Mark who made us SOOO welcome and showed us some highlights, like this look at up Mount Cypress where you can see the whole of downtown Vancouver

Stefan, Dave and I visited Granville Island

To see the market, the floating houses on the waterfront and more great views of the city

The boys on our walk around Vancouver's waterside park - Stanley Park

...the stunning autumn leaves ... squirrels ....

 ... and very cheeky squirrels! That's Dave's leg he's climbing up!!

... and we spotted our first racoon :)

Then we met up with my friend Paul who I lived with when I was here. He brought his lovely wife Anna and they livein Canada now and came down especially to see us!

Then we took in more views on the ferry to Victoria, Vancouver Island on our way to stay with my aunt and uncle

So we look forward to updating you on our stay in Victoria next time!!

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  1. OMG at the rat with a tail climbing up Dave's leg...and there was me thinking they are timid creatures x

  2. hey looks like youre havin a ball