Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Family Time in Victoria, Vancouver Island

So on the 8th November we arrived in Victoria to stay with my Auntie Gill and Uncle Don. My cousins Chris and Nick also live here with there partners/wives and children.

So the frst thing Dave got us doing was climbing Mount Doug, the large hill behind my aunt's house.

There were great views from the top

My counsin Chris and his wife Miranda took us out on the town for a few wines ....

My other cousin Nick came over with his fiance, Jacki and her parents for a mock Christmas dinner ... deck the halls la la la la la

Jacki's dad, Charlie entertained us with his skillful guitar playing and singing and Dave jammed along ...la la

We went for an evening stroll along Mount Doug beach and nearly got caught by high tide!!

Then Auntie Gill and Uncle Don took us to this picturesque river called Goldstream where you can see a salmon run, unfortunately we were too late and they had gone and the only salmon we saw were the ones that didn't make it - it stank of rotting fish - yuk

Another day took us downtown to see the harbour and the Empress Hotel behind us

Another evening with Chris and Miranda for dinner ... and more wine :)

Then we went to see my cousin Nick's son Ty play ice hockey and they won!

..Auntie Gill and Uncle Don taking us out for dinner to celebrate my birthday early ...

..check out the snow!!

We woke up on Saturday the 20th Nov to find this and it was freeeeeezing, as low as -7 C

And thus endeth the Canada chapter of our big tour and we are off to Seattle to catch a flight south for the winter - Californ-i-a here we come!!

Missing you all xxxx

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  1. Looks like the fun times are still happening.

    I hope Dave treated you like a princess for your Birthday yesterday x x x