Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Fiji - licious

Ok so you've had a few days to read the last blog so I'll bring you up to date now as we left Fiji last weekend. Here are the pics I hope its not too painful considering the snow!

Well we left LA on Saturday 11th December and after an 11 hour flight we arrived in Fiji on Monday 13th - losing Sunday to the international dateline and they say time flies!

We went west to a group of islands called the Yasarwas and to a tiny little island called Nanuya Lailai

...home of the Blue Lagoon beach as featured in the film of the same name with Brook Shields - beeeeautiful and loads of coral so great snorkelling

We stayed on the other side of the island which was only a 2 minute walk, in a the fab Gold Coast resort with great local people looking after us

This was our cottage or 'bura' with our favourite hammock

..our beach

Our love shack inside

Just us looking happy enjoying 'Fiji time'

That's it - sorry if its rubing it in but hey - we were in Fiji!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone - "I'm dreaming of a white christmas just like the ones I used to la la" Hope you all have a fantastic time wherever you are and we are thinking of you all. Please keep the commnets coming I love reading them, and please follow us.

Lots of love and christmas sparkles xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. glad you guys are having a good time. Happy Christmas X

  2. Love following you both Dave.Love the set up.great travelling with you both hee.we are gearing up for emmas wedding and awaiting news that sam amd maria get out of england with the snow holding flights up.These two need a real break now!.We shall meet up in person soon and give you both a big hug.Merry Christmas xxxxxxx Susan