Saturday, 4 December 2010

Vix's Birthday and the Californian Coast

So here's the next installment...

On Monday 29th November - my birthday - we left San Francisco on a 4 day road trip!

As we left San Fran on Monday we headed for the Pacific Coast road called Highway 1 which literally takes you alongside the coast - it's breathtaking! Here is just one of the beaches we passed and stopped to admire.

We stopped for lunch at this kitch roadside farm shop and had homemade soup and free jam tasting.

Enjoyed even more beaches in the afternoon sunshine...

.. and stopped in Monterey to enjoy the sunset on the beach. But wait the birthday celebrations were not over...

Then we stopped in a cute town called Carmel and had a glass of champagne and an oyster shooter (one oyster with hot sauce and salsa in a shot glass!)

We drove through the Big Sur, which is very rural coast and there are no street lights, few shops or places to eat and stay - very rugged. We stayed in this gorgeous log cabin in the middle of a Redwood forest and had scrummy food and wine in their restaurant.

.. then at 1am we went to an Indian reservation to go to the natural hot spring spa right on the beach - it was so dark the stars were amazing (sorry folks no pictures it was a nude one!)

Next day we continued down through the Big Sur and enjoyed more beautiful coastline...

As you can see Highway 1 is literally a coast road - the road is to Dave's right and the beach to his left - amazing driving.

We saw elephant seals, seals, dolphins, whales and this waterfall...

And another perfect sunset on the beach ..... we can see why California is so sort after!

We returned to civilisation on Wednesday evening in San Louis Obispo and enjoyed this local jazz band in a coffee shop of all places. Hot chocolate and Jazz!

We carried on through Pismo Beach and Santa Barbara on the Thursday but it was more of the same - we won't bore you ;)

Well what an amazing birthday and road trip and we landed in LA on Thursday evening, we are enjoiying temperatures of about 15 degrees C and the locals are complaining its cold - we are thinking everyone in ol' Blighty and Canada who are soooo much colder!!

Keep the comments coming - even if they are abusive we can take it!!


  1. How could anyone ever think to abuse you?
    I love popping on here to see where you both are and what your up to.
    Looks like you really did have a lovely Birthday.
    love to you both x

  2. Dear Vix and Dave,

    Thought of you in yoga this morning and just wanted to say hi!

    Looks like you are having a great time. Hope you both have a fun Christmas.


    Emma x

  3. Hi Emma
    That as weird I was thinking of you all when i was practicing on sat! We are having fun, but really missing you all xx