Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Leaving the UK and on to Thailand

So here are a few pics from our last few weeks in UK and our London leaving do. We did have a leaving do in Leicester but we forgot to take any photos, but thanks to all those that came long.

I must also issue a personal apology to Nick and Kat who have been waiting to appear in our blog and felt sure that there art tour of London would do the trick... unfortunately Dave's phone has virtually packed up and we can't get the photos!! Noooo. Email us some and we'll just add them in for the crack ;)

So on the last day of our Indian summer we spent the day with my brother, Simon in his new house and had a lovely walk in the Northamptonshire countryside

..and the boys entertained me with some ballet moves - fantastic!

Dave got into Halloween on a rooftop bar in London

.... and our lovely friends gave us a great send off at our leaving do

On our last day we met my dad for lunch and to hand back the car that my parents kindly lent us for the whole summer - thanks folks :)

and said our farewells - sob

Then to Thailand! Here is our beach bungalow on Mai Nam beach in Koh Sumui at Shangrila

..and the beach - it was hell

We went to the more popular area of Koh Sumui, Cheweng for the day to see what we were missing.....

... more of the same really ;)

Oh and I sneaked into a resort and had a swim in their pool - tee hee

After 4 days we hopped on a ferry to Koh Phangan. Got a taxi and then this longboat to Had Thian

which was beautiful as you can see.

This was our bungalow at Beam Bungalows and we loved having our own hammock

"No Dave its not your turn!"

We did some snorkelling at the bay next door and it was full of fish and very calm

Then we popped over to the west coast to do a yoga class and visited Had Yao, a more well known beach and we could see why...

We hired a scooter for the day to get around


Then the final part of our Thailand island tour was THE FULL MOON PARTY! We had both been in our mid 20s and decided to get into full swing and got all glo-painted up with our Canadian neighbours

Grabbed ourselves the obligatory bucket....

... and hit the beach to party!

Here's us with the full moon

She's still got it!

And us with a couple of friends we met along the way

Night fever indeed!

Well Bangkok may have been flooded and our plans to visit Cambodia thwarted but the islands did not disappoint. Brilliant 2 weeks and I didn't even mention the yummy food - Thailand has it all.

Well we are in New Zealand now relaxing so stay tuned for more photos from here.

Missing you all in Blighty and looking forward to seeing all you Antipodeans again soon xxxx

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