Thursday, 27 September 2012

Finally.... an update from Melbourne

So here at last is an update from us in Melbourne.... us Vix and Dave or has it been so long that you have forgotten us? No? Oh great well here goes!

Here's us outside our gorgeous house in Northcote, anyone else think it looks like Ramsay Street?

A few shots of our house warming party

Strut your stuff Sam and Maria

Dave taking advantage of the polished floorboards to do a spot of break dancing!

A visit from Terry and Toni takes us to Mornington Peninsula for the weekend

and to the hot springs there - heaven :)

This is our most recent holiday up to Cairns and northern Queensland

In 'Sheila' our trusty motorhome

Check out how roomy she is inside - pure luxury!

"Look Dave we have the beach all to ourselves!"

"Hey Vix we have this one to ourselves too!"

"I know isn't it amazing .... why are there no people here?"

"Think that may have something to do with all the saltwater crocodiles and killer jellyfish .... and the sharks but who cares its a great back drop for a sunset beer"

"Couldn't agree more, cheers"

We did other things as well, such as enjoying the rainforest

And snorkelling by this island, Turtle Island in the Great Barrier Reef

... and Zumba in the park back in Cairns

Fabulous holiday and there is so much more going on in Melbourne its hard to pack it all in but hopefully you keep up with some of our activities on Facebook.

We are back in UK for xmas so hope to catch some of you then - you may even make it on to the blog!!

Byeeee xxxx

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