Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Christmas at home, Summer in Melbourne & Great Ocean Road trip with Donna

Well there's a bit to catch up on so its brief - hope there's enough photos! We went back to good ol' Blighty for Christmas and had a great time catching up with everyone.

Dad and Simon took me out crimbo shopping and for tea and cake :)

I got to decorate the christmas tree

Jamie treated us to some kareoke and 'drunk Vix' made an appearance! High kicks everywhere!

Christmas morning Dave and I had a smoked salmon and champagne breakfast with mum and dad

Tuck in..

Wait let me take a photo!

Then it was off to visit Grandma for presents and tea ....

Then over to Simon and John's for presents and food.

Me wrestling to open my Ipad

Dave modelling his new hoodie

 John cooked us a wonderful christmas dinner and then we relaxed in front of a roaring fire to play games

Dave partook in some post boxing day go carting with the Ellwood massive

 On route back to Australia we had a few days in Hong Kong

Then back in Melbs we enjoyed 8 ridiculously hot weeks of 30+ temperatures everyday so ......obviously we hit the beach several times!!

Its a hard life but we struggled through somehow!!

We also had two neighbours street parties.... yes we really do live on Ramsay Street it would seem.

Then our Donna arrived from home and we decided to go on a  ROAD TRIP!!

We set off to the Great Ocean Road and spotted some kangaroos - 'What's that Donna? Old Jim is stuck down a mine?!'

Some stunning scenery of rugged coastline

We had such a good time the three of us and even came up with our own ROAD TRIP song

We also enjoyed a rainforest walk in the Otway National Park

And finally... the epic 12 Apostles

What a few months we've had. Summer in Melbourne has been fabulous and we are now well into Autumn with some cooler temperatures (well 20 degrees!). We have also been on an Easter trip but that will have to wait for the next blog.

Next project is the winter veggie garden!

Miss you all back in UK and looking forward to our trip back in July!!

Vix and Dave xxxx

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